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The ZCS, DCG Bwalya Kuyomba opens officially the middle management course which is being attended by four countries including Rwanda

This is an event that took place on 25 April 2024 at Nyango Correctional Staff Training School, Zambia where the ZCS DCG Bwalya Kuyomba officially opened the three Months’ training Course 3/2024 on middle management that started in March 2024 and is being attended by 166 junior officers who include among others, one hundred fifty-three (153) from Zambia, five (5) from Namibia, five (5) from Zimbabwe and three (3) from Rwanda.

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At the end of the Course by June 2024, the participants are expected to have acquired knowledge and skills on an understanding of duties in Correctional Operations, practical experience on team work under all conditions, correctional management and leadership package and an importance of keeping a breast with major developments in the Correctional Service locally, regionally and globally among others.

During his opening remarks, DCG Bwalya Kuyomba welcomed the esteemed trainees especially those from regional countries such as Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Namibia and highlighted the need for continuity in strengthening the existing bilateral cooperation from these countries especially in the field of training and capacity building.

Arrival of ZCS, DCG Bwalya Kuyomba, for an official opening of management course at at Nyango Correctional Staff Training School.
One of RCS, staff CIP Kabagambe, greeting one of Zambia Correctional Service official
The course attended by 166 correctional Officers from 4 countries Rwanda included.
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