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Minister of justice Busingye Johnson visited Nyarugenge Prison then handed for different wishes.

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On 31 october 2019 honorable minister of justice and attorney general Busingye Johnson  visited Nyarugenge prison located in Kigali City, Nyarugenge District, Mageragere  Sector, inmates  handed him different wishes  which request his advocacy to be solved.

 Nyarugenge prison director CSP Innocent Kayumba, show to  Hon minister the willing and the part of inmates in their contributions of building our country ,like to admit their parties of what they did in Genocide perpetrated against Tutsi in 1994 and their willing to ask pardon for survivors in the way of peace and reconciliation.

 he showed that about 1000 inmates from different districts of Kigali city they admitted  what they did in genocide and requested to meet with survivors  whose families were killed in Genocide against Tutsi and showed 120 holes  where  bodies thrown after being killed.

 Hon Minister Busingye he conversed with the leaders of inmates in Nyarugenge  prison then  they show him some problems they face which require advocacy and he promised for advanced advocacy in order to solve them.

 The questions he received were the challenge of reading their documents related their sentences before arrive in the court and the court decision after being sentenced were not founded in this day,other question asked was the  project of electronic thug for criminals of small cases to continue their sentences out of prison in order to reduce high number of inmates in different prisons  which grow every day  in unexpected way.

 Hon Busingye he promised them for advance advocacy for all question they asked him and he told them that shortly to read their documents it will be as it was , the problem  was a case  of IECMS the system which has some some problem but it is about to be  settled.

 About the electoronic thugs  for criminals who are not high risk, he told them that it requires to be released In national official gazette but it is in a process because immerging crimes which are  increasing  day by day and that way  it can make a contribution on building  our country.

 Currently Nyarugenge prison  is hosting about  9942 inmates ,8762 men and 1180 ladies for different crimes.

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