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Justice | Correction | Safety and Production
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Welcome to Rwanda Correctional Service website.

Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS) is an essential component of Rwanda’s Justice, Rule of Law and Order Sector (JRLOS). RCS has the noble mandate of protecting the society from offenders incarcerated by due process of the law.

The mission of RCS is to provide safe and humane custody for prisoners both under-trial and convicts as and when sent by the courts, ensure their rehabilitation for their successful reintegration upon release.

While discharging its mandated tasks, RCS ensures that prisoners retain their rights as human beings within the confines of incarceration by maintaining essential standards of living in line with human dignity.

The inmates are being provided with marketable skills so that they can pursue gainful occupation and live as productive and law-abiding citizens when they are released. Besides, correctional programs through eradication of illiteracy, civic education, spiritual support, psychosocial counselling, sport and recreational activities, vocational and educational training are being implemented in all RCS correctional facilities.

Since its establishment in 2010, RCS has been diligently working to deliver on its mandate. This requires a front-line staff that includes highly professional cadre of correctional officers, counselors, tradesmen, supervisors, guards, among others. In this regard, our staff are constantly sensitized on the nature and the importance of our mandate through intensive basic and in-service training.
Our dream is to have correctional facilities operated with the highest of correctional standards. Moreover, it is our core belief that safety and security are the backbone of any successful correctional programmes.

We have re-designed this website with our partners and customers in mind. It is our hope that you will find the information on the website useful and informative.

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Evariste MURENZI
Commissioner general RCS