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CGP Evariste Murenzi, RCS Commissioner General is in Morocco where he is attending the African Corrections Services Association (ACSA) executive committee meeting

From 31 January up to 01 February 2024, RCS commissioner general Evariste Murenzi, is in Morocco capital rabat, where he is attending, the African Corrections Services Association executive committee meeting (ACSA).

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It is worth noting that, African Correctional Service Association (ACSA) is an association established to provide a platform for a unified voice in efforts to address massive challenges facing Corrections/ prisons systems in Africa. It has the mission to pave the way for Corrections in the Sub-Region and Africa to continually deliver in accordance with both the dynamics of professional requirements and the obtaining of socio-economic and cultural conditions in Africa, through Governmental and Non-Governmental cooperation, collaboration and engineering within the sub-region, the African continent and worldwide.

This year’s ACSA EXCO Meeting has brought together ten (10) countries which were elected by the ACSA Core Member Council Countries during the 6th Biannual Conference held in Senegal, Dakar last year in May 2023.  These include Senegal as the Chairperson, Ghana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Morocco, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic and Rwanda which is specifically the Vice Chairperson for the East African Community Member States.

The participants in the ACSA Executive Committee will be able to discuss and deliberate on: The vision of ACSA is to become the front runners and nucleus of Correctional professional development on the African Continent and one of the leading Correctional development organizations in the world. It is therefore, during this meeting that, the ACSA Executive Committee Members will discuss and deliberate on the following:

a.   State of ACSA and Strategic direction

b.  Strategies for Implementing ACSA decisions and reports

c.  Decisions and adoption of the ACSA strategic plan(2024 – 2026)

d.  To do the preliminary work related to the 7th Biennial conference

e.  To determine all the requirements associated with the 7th Biennial Conference setup

During his remarks, the Com Gen Evariste MURENZI and in his capacity as the East African Community ACSA Vice Chairperson, appreciated the great and unwavering commitment shown by the ACSA Member States to support and promote institutional capacity building with view to promoting and strengthening peace, justice and safety not only in particular regions but also on the entire African continent. He pointed out that, through such platforms, it is an occasion that normally comes with opportunities for the Correctional Services of ACSA Member States, leaders of International, Regional and National Agencies, Associations and Non-Governmental Organizations active in the field of Corrections and Criminal Justice Systems to raise the level of cooperation relations in the field of correctional matters through exchange of experiences with a view to better management of Prison or Correctional Services Systems across the continent.

Normally, the ACSA Executive Committee Members meet in the host country to deliberate on different issues before the Biennial Conference of which it is now planned to take place in Morocco in May 2025.

Commissioner General Evariste MURENZI in Rabat, Morocco for the ACSA Executive Committee Meeting from 31 January – 01 February 2024.
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