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The Minister of Internal Security congratulated Rwamagana Prison for its activities

During his visit to Rwamagana Prison on June 4, 2013 the Minister of Internal Security Sheikh Mussa Fazil HARERIMANA hailed the various projects implemented by inmates held in that prison.

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Minisiter of Internal Security visited four projects implemented by inmates at Rwamagana Prison which are, the project of the maize plantation (47 hectares), the banana plantation (10,5 hectares), the construction of the modern dormitory for inmates and the construction of Rwanda Correctional Service training school.

they are well implemented. He encouraged the authorities of that prison to continue to work hard in order to increase the Prison production.

Minister Fazil said also that the biogas which is used in Rwamagana Prison for cooking is a good strategy to cut back on expenditure and the way to reduce the fire woods used in order to protect the environment.

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