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Launching of vocational training building at Nyagatare Juvenile Prison

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On 18th December 2019 at Nyagatare Juvenile prison happened a ceremony of launching a building house of vocational training school, in this ceremony a guest of honor was his highness bishop  Seleverian Nzakamwita of Byumba diocese who put the stone of foundation on the place where the building planned to be built and after that, they planted vegetable trees which will facilitate children for good health. 

This act is in partnership with CARTAS RWANDA from Byumba diocese and Oxfam Rwanda  which helps disables, poor and inmates in empowering them in their daily activities.

According to this reason they planed to build this vocational training school to help children in Nyagatare Juvenile prison to gain more knowledge which will help them after their sentences.

Father Nzabonimana Augustin who is in charge of treasure in Byumba diocese explain about the assistance he said:” we assist  women in Musanze Prison and children of Nyagatare Juvenile prison in different activities, in Musanze prison we deliver women knowledge about hair dressing and  in advanced agriculture and we offer them some tools which will help to put what she learn in action.

Oxfam representative Gakwandi Godfrey explain the reason of this project he said:” our plan is to help those who have different problems like disables, prisoners and other weak a small time we started we see some good result like women who conclude their sentences they are exemplary in society where they live that show us that criminal can change the behavior.

Commissioner general of Rwanda correctional service CGP George Rwigamba  say on the importance of this vocational training school for Nyagatare children said:” we teach different categories, include primary level and ordinary level and other vocational studies like hair dressing, carpentry, welding. this school will help children in Nyagatare prison  to gain more about vocational knowledge which will be a package for them outside the prison.

His highness bishop Seleverian Nzakamwita said more about this action

He said :”we are here to put the stone of foundation on this ground, in order to help children to acquire knowledge which will help them after their sentences in partnership with RCS we want to change the status of the children who committed with crime by teaching some vocational work which will help them to survive well outside of the prison.” 

The project will cost eighty millions (80,000000)Rwandan Francs with a prediction of one year.

General commissioner of  RCS CGP George Rwigamba and his Highness Selevelian  Nzakamwita opening this ceremony by putting a foundation stone.

 the map of building showing shape of this school after  being completed.

CGP George Rwigamba his highness  Nzakamwita  by planting vegetable trees to be consumed by children of Nyagatare juvenile prison.

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