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Four Months Professional Correctional Training Course for Correctional officers ended today

The Rwanda Correctional Service serves all inmates equally, and works to accommodate inmates with specialized needs. In the case of Paul Rusesabagina

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Rwamagana, 02 July 2021

At RCS training school in Rwamagana, a four-months correctional training course was concluded today.

The Course was divided into 2 categories: the first category was for Officers who focused on ‘Intermediate Professional Corrections and Management Course (IPCMC)’ which was aimed at inducting officers with key skills for leadership integrating professional aspects in corrections and ensuring they implement the four RCS pillars while attuning their daily work with the core values and ethics expected of them.

The second category is Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) who focused on ‘Fundamental Correctional Studies (FPCS)’ that aimed at instilling core skills for correction work and standards to ensure they are adequately trained to understand their specific career paths for effective and professional delivery of their duties in their respective units and departments where they work.

Generally, the course participants were primarily focused on courses such as Prison Management; Inmates’ rights (Mandela Rules); Leadership and RCS Core Values.

Furthermore, SSP Alex MURENZI, the Chief Instructor (CI) at RCS Training School, said that the purpose of such training is to keep Correctional Officers modernized and professionalized.

“These courses help Correctional Officers to work on their daily duties professionally at the international level. We mostly chose the officers who meet day-to-day with the inmates, and we hope that this training will enable them to fulfill their correctional duties in a professional way, in respecting the rights of all inmates.” He said

On behalf of the RCS Commissioner General, the Commandant of RCS Training School ACP Edward WAKUBIRWA, officially closed the training by delivering a message sent by the Commissioner General of RCS.

He said “The Commissioner General commends the course participants for their dedication and courtesy in these last four months here at the training school. He also reminded that RCS has a plan to build professionalism through various trainings in all levels of its staffs. We hope that the lessons learnt will be the key to success of their work and that it will be reflected in the positive changes they will make in their areas work and as well as sharing knowledge and experience with their workmates.”

Furthermore, the Commissioner General also called on the Correctional Officers to maintain Rwandan values, and to prioritize national interests.

The training that closed today, started on March 01, 2021 and was attended by 28 Officers, who were trained in Intermediate Professional Correctional Management Course (IPCMC), and 30 Non-Commissioned Officers trained in Fundamentals of Professional Correctional Studies (FPCS).

 Correctional Officers with their Awards after the end of Training
The Deputy Commandant of RCS Training Schhool rewarding  the best peformers
Commandant  of RCS training School, ACP Edward WAKUBIRWA rewarding the best  performers
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