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RCS received the delegation of the Ugandan MPs

This 2nd April 2013 the Deputy Commissioner General of Rwanda Correctional Service, DCGP Mary Gahonzire received a group of members of the Ugandan Parliament who are on a study tour in Rwanda.

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The Deputy Commissioner General of RCS briefed the delegation on the achievements of Rwanda Correctional Service and the way forward.
DCGP Mary Gahonzire informed them that since its inception in July 2011, RCS was mandated among others primarily to ensure rehabilitation of inmates. In this order, RCS has transformed itself into an institution that rehabilitates convicts to become responsible citizens when they eventually serve their time rather than a punishment oriented body.
She added that the establishment of RCS is in line with Rwanda’s movement from punitive to correctional system. “Emphasis is on improved correctional regimes that offer standards in rehabilitation and social reintegration with no reoffending” noted DCGP Mary Gahonzire.
Speaking about the reduction of the prison overcrowding, DCGP Mary Gahonzire said that the new prisons have been constructed and others extended or renovated. She added that the target is to have modern prisons with an average of occupancy rate of 90% by 2017.
Regarding the prisoners’ social welfare, the Deputy Commissioner General of RCS told the delegation that special care is provided to vulnerable groups, children living with their detained mothers, the sick etc.
DCGP Mary Gahonzire also mentioned that RCS generated revenues from prisons and TIG camps to contribute to the national economic growth.
After this briefing, the delegation of the Ugandan MPs asked various questions which were answered by RCS authorities.

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