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ICPA commend RCS for using of health insurance in prisons

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In 21th International Correction and Prisons Associations conference hosted by the Federal prison service of Argentina and held in Buenos Aires, Rwanda Correction Services (RCS) was thanked for the use of Health insurance in treatment of inmates. This conference focused on: Respect for human right and right for prisoners, maintaining dignity, enhancing safety and providing support so as to maintain best practices of correctional services. Rwanda correctional service representatives in this conference, contributed much during different sessions of thoughts and they particularly shared to the participants, the RCS best practices and experience in correction especially use of health insurance in Rwanda prisons commonly known as mituel de santé. During this conference in Argentina, Rwanda representatives Played videos describing the beauty of Rwanda and different products made in prison like handcraft which leads to the improvement of inmate’s welfare. This conference was attended by 450 participants from different countries worldwide. In 2020 the conference of this kind is expected take place, in Hongkong and in 2021 to be hosted in Rwanda.

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