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Muhanga Correctional Facility

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  • Muhanga Prison is located in Southern Province, Muhanga District, Shyogwe Sector, Ruri Cell, Ruhina Village. It was built in 1973 with a capacity of housing 750 male inmates. Before adding on a story building, male inmates stayed in small buildings which later came to accommodate women inmates. Nowadays it is the logistics’ stock.
  • In 1987 the current chapels A, B, C were added. They were spaces for prayers and minor children (under 18). After the 1994 genocide against Tutsi, in 1995 the prison was expanded. Nsinda gate comprised of three hangars was added on, and it increased the prison’s capacity to 3500 inmates. To call the place Nsinda was caused by the fact that there was an excess of inmates in the prison, and a list was made of prisoners who were to be transferred to actual Nsinda Prison (Rwamagana). On the transfer day, they were made to believe that they were going there. This part holds the kitchen, clinic, and hangar of receiving patients.
  • In 2005, in partnership with a Swiss NGO, Fondation DiDé (Dignité en Détention) two classrooms were built. They were later changed to ICT rooms and the office of the former representative. They were again transformed into a Safety & Security office. The minors went to study in that class coming from adults prison.
  • In 2006, Fondation DiDé renewed its support; and a minor prison for boys and girls was built. It was added on the side of chapels A, B, and C. On one side there is a girls’ accommodation (6m x 3.90m) adjacent to the two TVET classrooms and teachers’ office. On the other side, there is boys’ accommodation (14.50m x 6.90m) and a wide area (497.61m²) that holds a basketball court.
  • In 2006 a prison kitchen was built (35,40 x 13,40) moving from the front, and the space was later occupied by prisoners and called BLOC 6A. Nowadays there is a tent of BLOC 9A. In the same year, another building was added to the office of DIDé staff and came to be known as the office of Logistics Officer (it is now the Armory).
  • In 2009, in partnership with Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) a prison clinic (VCT) was built. It has a reception, diagnostic rooms, doctor’s office, and pharmacy. Also, a multipurpose room (11,80m x 16,00 m) that has a library was built. In the same year, a Mess was installed inside the prison canteen.
  • In 2010, a women’s prison was built, and it contained three rooms: Bloc A (8.10m x 18.82m), Bloc B (22.60m x 8.10m), and Bloc C (8.10m x 6.50 m), and had a capacity of housing 440 prisoners. In the same year, two classrooms (18,20 x 7,40) for minors were built. They were later transformed into a jail registry. In 2010, in partnership with a non-profit organization ENFANT CHEZ SOI, it was planned to be a children’s crib but it took longer to complete. The kids were moved to Centre Psychosocial AMAHORO.
  • In 2011, in partnership with a volunteer MUSAYIDIRE Eugenie and a German non-profit organization Green Helmets, Centre Psychosocial AMAHORO was built in order to provide space for children who would spend a whole day there.
  • In June 2014, a fire engulfed Nsinda Part in prison and burnt down hangars. They were replaced with tents, and consequently, the capacity to accommodate prisoners was greatly reduced, paving the way for excess.
  • In 2020, activities to expand women’s prisons started, and a house and rooms were built to where the registry used to be. In 2021, women were moved to a new prison. Their former place was occupied by old male prisoners. Currently, Muhanga Prison has the capacity to accommodate 3063 inmates. However, it has an excess of inmates because it houses 6441, considering that each inmate is supposed to sleep on size of 1,6 m². It has an excess rate of 227,5%.
  • Muhanga Prison is built on a total area of 156.932 m², including a sleeping area of 4,831m².
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