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RCS and its partners have special talk on maintaining a good collaboration

The meeting took place on 20th February 2020 in Hill Top Hotel located in Remera Sector. The meeting aimed on how to reach a successful collaboration through delighting inmates as beneficiaries.

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The meeting took place on 20th February 2020 in Hill Top Hotel located in Remera Sector. The meeting aimed on how to reach a successful collaboration through delighting inmates as beneficiaries.

The event was organized by Rwanda Correctional Service, willing to see how RCS and its day to day partners will work together in order to deliver magnificent partnership. Religious leaders and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)were attending the event. 

Various RCS partners explained the way they work with RCS and the outcomes. Pastor Paul Gatemberezi, the Secretary General of the Pentecostal Church in Rwanda (ADEPR) described the way they work hand in hand with RCS.

He stated” we preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in all prisons; we persuade inmates to confess and seek for forgiveness and even we help released offenders to live in harmony with their families as well as their neighbors. Indeed, we provide some materials to vulnerable inmates in all prisons in Rwanda”.

Head Mufti of the Islamic community of Rwanda, Sheikh Salim Hitimana also explained their deeds on inmates.

He said” we perform various actions that help inmates. We provide food for inmates, and preaching word of God. Last year we used about 50 million Rwf in our numerous activities, and we are planning to buy books and notebooks for delivering them to the inmates who are in need of studying”.  

Odette Mukansoro, the coordinator of Dignity in Detention Foundation (DIDE) told that their actions are categorized through 3 aspects, such as psychological trauma; building mentors area; improving every aspect of quality education; and in programs of Unity and Reconciliation so that when the Genocide Convicts will be released and arriving back in their respective communities across the country will have to reintegrate harmoniously with the Survivors. We sensitize residents especially Survivors how to relate with freed convicts.

The Deputy Commissioner General of Prison, Marie Chantal Ujeneza applauded the significant contribution of partners, for their actions help in social welfare of inmates.

She said” thank you our partners for your meaningful contribution. It was an astonishing act when in recent days you engage in providing school fees to children from Nyagatare Juvenile Prison after they excelled in National Examination. It is an incomparable action that should be reinforced in preparing the young generation of Rwanda.”

DCGP also thanked Islam Community, for its act of sharing a meal with all inmates (Christians & Muslims) in all prisons on the day Islam celebrate Eid El-Adha.

Commissioner General of Prison, George Rwigamba thanked RCS partners for attending the meeting, but encouraged them not only to participate in evangelical acts, but also to involve into programs that will be a solution to inmates’ problems. 

CGP said” your presence today is valuable, for we are sharing ideas with you, our partners. In fact, all of us, our main purpose is to correct convicts so that they will be good citizens while arriving back in the community. In doing so, we partner with you in correction programs and social welfare of inmates as well. 

The meeting was attended by RCS senior officials, various NGOs and all Directors of Prison in Rwanda.  

Prisons Directors alongside with  RCS stakeholders attending the meeting by  sharing ideas in meeting room.

RCS commissioner General CGP George Rwigamba delivering speech for those who attend the meeting.

Former Bishop of KIGALI Archidiocese Andrew Havugimana together with RCS commissioner General CGP George Rwigamba  and Deputy commissioner General Jeanne Chantal Ujeneza attending the meeting.

stakeholders and RCS Prisons Directors discussing in group the way they can work properly. 

RCS stakeholders and attendees of meeting taking the picture of remembrance.

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