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Rubavu Correctional Facility

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Amateka ya Gereza

  • Gisenyi Prison was built in 1937 by Belgian colonizers. It has an area of 1ha and the capacity to house 750 prisoners.
  • After the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, the prison resumed accomodating prisoners. In 1998, another building was added to increase its capacity to 2,200 (men, women, children)
  • In 2011 Gisenyi changed locations and name to Nyakiriba Prison and later to Rubavu Prison which is found in Gikombe Cell, Nyakiriba Sector, Rubavu District. It is built in a 2ha area.
  • It was composed of three buildings built using steel, in a hangar style. They could accommodate 3500 prisoners.
  • In 2014 two buildings were destroyed by fire, and prisoners were temporarily located at CICR tents
  • In 2015- 2017 two two-story buildings were built by prisoners, and they had the capacity to house 1400 inmates.
  • In 2017 – 2019 another two-story building was completed by prisoners with the capacity to house 2837 inmates.
  • Currently, Rubavu Prison houses 8263 inmates; while its capacity is at 6183, the excess of inmates is 2080, which is the rate of 33.64%.
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