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Nyagatare Correctional Facility

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  • Nyagatare Prison is located in the Eastern Province, Nyagatare District, Nyagatare Sector, Barija Cell, Burumba Village. It is built on 6ha while Prison Infrastructure has 1ha.
  • This Prison was originally an adult prison from 2004 to 2009 and was converted into a juvenile prison to accommodate young children from 14 to 18 years of age from all over the country. It has a capacity of housing 400 inmates. Currently, we have 466 children and 177 adults, totaling 643.
  • In order to improve the care of juveniles who have been sentenced to imprisonment by the courts, the Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS) has set up a special Nyagatare Juvenile Prison, whose goal is to accommodate children Adolescents (ages 14 and 18) who are legally required to serve their sentences.
  • Based on the objectives of the Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS), Nyagatare Prison cares for justice, correction, and knowledge of inmates, especially in the field of child-rearing, and Nyagatare Prison is implementing the ‘9 years of basic education and TVET skills (professions: Carpentry, Construction, Welding, Sewing, Shaving) where children who have completed the General Class of Secondary School have started taking the National Exams as well as their peers who have not been detained since 2016 and others graduates in the various professions mentioned above are also awarded Certificates.
  • Most of the children in Nyagatare Prison are convicted of criminal offenses due to ignorance of the law and the living conditions of their former families, some of whom are no longer living with their families, others are orphans raised in other families, others have been abandoned by their families and others even though they have lived with their families and find that they are not comfortable with them in terms of care or conflict, which in turn leads them to commit various crimes including Drug and Drug Trafficking, Theft, Murder, beatings and injuries, rape of children, and so on.
  • For the above reasons, after a legal conflict and imprisonment, most of the children come with severe mental and behavioral problems in addition to feeling that their imprisonment is making their lives worse; Nyagatare Prison focuses on maintaining their mental health, helping children regain strength, self-acceptance, correcting their mentality and behavior change so that other programs (programs) benefit them.

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