Ubutabera | Kugorora | Umutekano n’Umusaruro

Ubutabera | Kugorora | Umutekano n’Umusaruro
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Igororero rya Rwamagana

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NYARUGENGE prison is located in NYARUGENGE District MAGERAGERE sector and the only prison in Kigali capital city of Rwanda, this new and modern facility merged the two former prisons; GASABO prison and historical Kigali prison known as PCK 1930.  “PCK 1930 prison Central de Kigali”.

The building of NYARUGENGE prison is structured in three wings including; male wing, female wing and maximum security wing each wing is internally installed with water, lighting, toilets, recreation grounds, church, mosques and medical central.

This prison was constructed with the occupancy rate of at least 10000 inmates only. NYARUGENGE prison currently houses about 9000 inmates the population figures are not always fixed because of continuous entry of detainees and regular release.

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