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Production activities at various prisons are of a great benefit to the inmates

In all 14 prisons in the country, there are numerous production activities that play a big role in well-being of inmates. Such production activities are livestock farming, fish farming, soaps factory, pans factory, and vegetables farming, and so on.

Some inmates from Huye prison said that those activities are very important for them in their daily life.  

Theophile Ntigurirwa, an inmate working in banana cultivation at Huye prison said that “working in banana cultivation is good for us, for it keeps us from being bored inside the prison. When we come here every morning, we use our physical strength, we learn how to grow banana in a modernized way, so it will help us when we finish the sentence.”

JMV Sinashebeje, an inmate working in livestock farming uttered that “This work is very helpful because there are inmates who are sick and others who are weak who are given a cup of milk every day to support their diet”

CIP Isaac Rutaburingoga, a Production Officer at Huye prison, emphasized that those production activities are more helpful to the inmates, for instance the vegetables are mixed in their diet for improving their well-being.

He also said that Huye prison has the distinction of being the only one prison among 14 others that has two factories.

CIP Isaac said “We have two factories; one of pans and other one of soaps. Huye prison is helping other prisons with sanitation; we provide them soaps to improve the sanitation activities. The pans factory distributes pans in all prisons and they are used in cooking.

In this period of Covid-19 Pandemic, there are many production activities that are no longer done in order to respect Covid-19 preventive measures.