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In celebrating its 10th anniversary, RCS donated livestock to low income families

As RCS is preparing to celebrate its 10th anniversary, it has decided to donate pigs and goats to the poor families that are nearby every prison countrywide. This act is in the aim of transforming rural livelihoods and addressing poverty alleviation in low income families from sectors that are near the prison.

The event took place on various dates from 19th November 2020 until 24th November 2020 and it is the local governance officials that chose families to be helped in order to provide for them a stable income and soil nutrients via manure to assist small scale cropping activity.

Research increasingly demonstrates that animal-source foods provide complete protein, energy, and an array of micronutrients that are often limited or unavailable in the rural peasant diet.

Local governance officials who attended the event recommended livestock ownership to take care of the animals they got, for through sales of animal products household income increased, which can be used for the purchase of higher-quality healthcare and food thereby increasing nutrient availability to household member

The beneficiary families were very grateful to the RCS administration, assuring that the opportunities they were given would not be wasted, adding that they will take good care to the animals and even their neighbors will be given an animal from them too.

The representative of Commissioner General of RCS, CSP John DUSA, prescribed the beneficiaries to take care of the animals, and that it should be a solution to the improved diets and nutritional status.

He said “Our country seeks solutions for almost the problems that Rwandans have. In celebration of RCS anniversary, we first wished to donate you cows, but as you it requires you more effort, so we decided to donate you pigs and goats.”

RCS was established in 2010 on Law no 34/2010 of 12/11/2010.