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RCS policy is to equip new skills to the inmates

Today's Rwandan policy is not to imprison but to correct a Rwandan who has violated the law and thus to go to Prison for being corrected in order to prepare a good Rwandan with values and taboos.

Emmanuel RUTAYISIRE has been imprisoned 7 years in Nyarugenge Prison, and is now an entrepreneur in Kigali. His company make all kinds of furniture as chairs, beds … so he witnessed that he learned the skills he is using now in a prison.

‘My imprisonment has been a time of gaining knowledge, even though being imprisoned is not what you want, for when you are imprisoned it hurts you emotionally, but you have not to waste your time, because all the knowledge you want you can get it there in a prison.’ Emmanuel said.

Emmanuel also applauded the good policy of Rwanda Correctional Service.

Ernest UWITUJE, who has been sentenced for 21 years, is now teaching other inmates English language so that it will help them whenever they will end their sentences.

In addition to their literacy skills, there are many other professions including construction, welding, etc., so it is the inmates’ choice.