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Women pardoned by President Paul KAGAME ,start to reintegrate into society

The Cabinet meeting chaired by His Excellence Paul Kagame, passed on Monday the 18th May, 2020, decided that, 50 women convicted of abortion were pardoned by the President of the Republic of Rwanda, using his prerogative of mercy.

A Cabinet also approved a Ministerial order granting conditional release to 3596 convicts who demonstrated good conduct in prisons.

Meanwhile, President KAGAME also pardoned madam Uwase Jaribu Jacqueline.

On May 19, 2020 some inmates liberated on Presidential order and Ministerial order begun to reintegrate into their families.

Out of the Prison, the released inmates were very happy for being liberated and committed not to involve again in criminal acts, they will instead be the light of other people in fruitful activities.

By the time they were released from prison, inmates were in a compliance with government regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, all wearing masks as it is nowadays a regulation if someone is going in a social gathering place.

If someone was granted a conditional release and engages into recidivism, he/she will have to complete the punishment he/she were sentenced before, because he/she has failed to comply with the given instructions.

Last year, 2019, the President of the Republic Paul KAGAME also pardoned 367 women who had been convicted by the courts for abortion crime.

Women released on Presidential pardon.

Liberated people on Conditional early release .

Pose with discharge form and protective  masks.