Operation Division Directorates

Operation Directorate

Training Directorate

High Risk Prisoner Directorate

Operations Department


-Replace the division manager in his absence
- Receive and exploit operational reports from central prisons and tig camps
- Coordinate and supervise the staff under the operations department
- Ensure order and discipline in operations
- Propose staff retention, recruitment & promotion
- Monitor the maintenance of law and order within prisons.

Goal: to ensure the security of every detainee in prisons
and persons serving tig penalty until the completion of
their sentence.

Program objective: develop an understanding of the external environment (political, social, legal, regulatory, environmental and technological), which affects prisons organizations.

Planned activities

  • Acquisition of classified, non-classified, it and electronic equipment’s.
  • Prisoners categorization
  • Inmates transfers tracking system
  • Inmates participating in production activities tracking system
  • Prisoners movement to courts and hospitals tracking system
  • High risk prisoners movement tracking system
  • Make a request of all shortfalls in arms and ammunitions and provide technical specifications of modern armories across the country to ensure safe storage of its fire arms
  • Monitor radio transmissions between staff in order to respond immediately to directions/emergencies, and to call for security support as needed.


Training department


High Risk Prisoner Department