Commissioner General of RCS



Deputy Commissioner General of RCS



Estates & Workforce development Division Manager

John Bosco KABANDA


Commandant of RCS Training School

Alex Bahizi KIMENYI


Corporate Services Division Manager

Camille GATETE


Logistics Division Manager



Principal Staff Officer



Division manager of operations



Medical Service Division Manager



Ethics and Doctrine Division Manager


In the current structure of RCS there was harmonization of Activities related to the Management of prisons; However RCS management through various management meetings and ministerial consultations some Departments and offices were established and personnel appointed as it had minimum budget implications, the new proposed RCS organization structure articulates.    

1. Office of correction division exists legally under RCS organization structure, it's directorates are functional. The correction division duties and responsibilities include:

a. To ensure the health, hygiene and welfare of both detained, prisons and TIG camps.
b. To prevent and fight against epidemic diseases.
c. To ensure availability of medicines.
d. To ensure high standards of hygiene in prisons and camps.
c. To prepare jointly with RCS District Coordinators re-education programs for prisons and TIG camps.
d. To receive and exploit reports from the social services of prisons and TIG camps.
e. To provide counseling programs to prisons.

2. Office of operation division exists legally under RCS organization structure, it's directorates are functional. The operation division duties and responsibilities include:

a. Coordinate operations and training as defined in general policy of RCS.

b. Ensure the security of detainees and of those in TIG camps.

c. Conceive and Implement the general policy relating to operations and procedures.

d. Ensure that the operations and procedures are done in accordance with the law.

e. Ensure the daily discipline of staff under him.

f.  To submit daily operational report or situation report to the Commissioner General.

3. Corporate service division exists legally under RCS organization structure, it's directorates are functional. The Corporate service division duties and responsibilities include:

a. To provide advise financial interpretations, adaptations and corrective actions in response to audits and other queries to ensure adherence to the Financial Regulations and Rules, Staff Rules, Administrative Instructions and Circulars.
b. To ensure that accurate and complete accounting, reporting and internal control systems are functioning and that all relevant records are maintained.
c. To establish and prepare accurate and timely information for budget monitoring and progress reporting of program funds and grants.
d. To provide financial management advice on revisions of budgets, preparing periodical forecasts and any changes needed.
e. To monitor the petty cash and bank balances to ensure sufficient funds that are always available depending on the program needs.
f.  To ensure management and reconciliation of the bank and cash accounts, preparation of the monthly financial reports to be submitted to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.
g. To ensuring financial and resource accountability and effective management for records as required for auditing.
h. To establish and implement administration and logistics procedures in line with organizational requirement.
I.  To establish and manage all procurement and logistics activities.

j.  Responsible  for all of the functions that deal with the needs and activities of the institutional  personnel including  areas of responsibility such as: Recruiting , Hiring, Training, Organization Development, Performance Management, Policy Recommendation, Team Building and Employee Relations.

4. Office of Production and TIG division exists legally under RCS organization structure, it's directorates are functional. The Production and TIG division duties and responsibilities include:

a. The Division is responsible for planning, production and cooperation policies.

b. To ensure harmonization of the RCS Commissariats in line planning, production and cooperation.

c. To monitor and evaluate all production programs.

d. To provide guidance in all matters related to income generation of RCS.

e. To ensure tender contract respect the Government laws in force.

f.  To design and implement performance contract aim on maximizing profit for the Government.

g. To provide periodically performance production reports to the Commissioner General.

5. Office of rehabilitation and re-integration division exists legally under RCS organization structure, it's directorates are functional. The  rehabilitation and re-integration division duties and responsibilities include:

a. To coordinate RCS activities in Civic Education programs

b. To ensure smooth Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Prisoners into society after serving their prison sentence to evade recidivism.

c. To collaborate and follow-up with local authorities the integration process of discharged persons from Prisons.

d. To ensure sensitization of inmates’ relatives/guardians on resilience and moral behavior.

e. To instill and teach prison staff and inmates the concept of good governance.

f.  To teach prison guards and officers on issues of National anti-corruption Policy and Security.

g. To coordinate and teach prison staff and inmates, to feel affection for and be devoted to their country.

h. To transcribe and teach Prison staff and inmates the Country’s history, Culture, Tradition and core values.

i.  To ensure that the incarcerated person shall be treated at all times with the respect and dignity inherent to human beings.

j.  To teach Prison staff and inmates, issues of Unity and National reconciliation policy.

k. To make a progressive monthly and annual report to his/her superior on the activities of the Division.

l.  To carry out any other duties/ responsibilities assigned to him by his/her Superior.

6. Office of logistics division exists legally under RCS organization structure, it's directorates are functional. The logistics division duties and responsibilities include:

a. General coordination of RCS logistic issues.

b. To ensure effective office needs assessment.

c. To coordinate and supervise regular inventories of movable or immovable assets of RCS and constitute safety stock.

d. To ensure efficient management and distribution of equipment and office supplies to users.

e. To ensure the management and maintenance for movable and immovable assets of RCS.

f.  To closely collaborate with financial department and evaluate RCS properties.

g.  Preparation of purchasing documents.

g.  To monitoring the process of purchasing and delivering of supplies.

h.  To ensure favorable working conditions.

i.   To centralize all needs in terms of production supplies.

j.   To design and develop standard operating methods to manage logistics efficiently.

k.  To ensure all supervised staff members are trained adequately .

L.  To Develop and execute logistics support policies, processes and methodologies to general benefit of RCS-meeting suppliers and negotiating terms of contracts.

M. Maintaining relationships with existing suppliers and sourcing new suppliers for future products.

7. Muhabura Mult Choice LTD

Muhabura Multi-choice Ltd was initiated by Rwanda Correction Service (RCS) and adopted by the government through a cabinet decision of 29th July 2014. This new multidisciplinary production and commercial entity has been established as a response to the budget constraints in regard to inmates feeding and maximum utilization of available resources.

Before the government to appoint the company Board of directors, the working relationship between RCS and MMC Ltd has been based on the original mission of ensuring financial sustainability of RCS, reduction of dependence burden on the Central Government to feed inmates and TIGISTES, by providing quality as well as affordable products and services, thus guaranteeing its profitability and market share growth through transforming inactive and redundant inmates into an active workforce.

The company intends to involve in carrying out activities across various industries and more specifically, its areas of interest and emphasis will be significantly be on:

a. To carry out business as Civil Engineers, Surveyors, Architects, property valuers, building contractors, dealers in building materials, property developers, estate agents, as well as roads and bridges construction.

b. To engage in agriculture, livestock, agro-processing, fishery, leather tanning, dairy processing and marketing of agricultural products.

c. To acquire and hold controlling interests in the share or loan capital of any company or companies.

d. To carry out any other business or activity which is capable of being conveniently carried out in connection with any activity of the company or calculated to enhance the value of the company’s property, rights or interests.

e. To acquire and exploit franchises and dealerships of local and foreign companies which manufacture or deal in any of the goods and services in that MUHABURA Multi-disciplinary Ltd might be interested in.

f.  To undertake all or any of the above activities in any part of the world either as principal agents, contractors, trustees or otherwise, and either solely or in conjunction with others, either through managers, managing agents, sub-contractors trustees or otherwise with the power to appoint trustee(s), person or corporate on hold of any property on behalf of the company and to allow any property to remain outstanding in such trusteeship.

g. To invest in research and development in the above mentioned areas of our interest.

h. To establish and work with hotels, restaurants, bars, breweries, wineries, and others for tourism and leisure facilitation.

i. To engage in commercial activities related to motor vehicle industry.

j. To engage in the printing and trading of office equipment, stationery and scholastic materials.

k. To provide professional services and participate in research aimed at technological development.

   The information details on MMC LTD is attached in its comprehensive paper termed as RCS roadmap to self sustainability through production.(Annex A)