The vision of Rwanda Correctional Service is to implement the general policy and strategies for effective management of inmates and Tigistes by ensuring respect for human rights. We aim to be able to promote effectively justice and human rights through ethical and professional correction while ensuring the safety of the general public and healthy communities.


The mission of  Rwanda Correctional Service is to reeducate and rehabilitate inmates for their reintegration into the society.


The following Ethical Core Values were earmarked for RCS:

a.      Supervision of incarcerated persons and prevention of escape.

b.     Putting in place a corrective education for inmates and Tigistes.

c.      Prosecuting offences committed in Prisons.

d.     Respect the life, physical and moral integrity and well-being of detainees and prisoners.

e.      Enhance capabilities for correctional centres to meet International Standards required for Prisons and Gender.

f.       Ensure basic human rights for incarcerated persons in both Prisons and TIG.