A professional service that contributes to national safety and social- economic development through proper rehabilitation process of inmates, leading to their effective reintegration.


The mission of RCS is to reeducate and rehabilitate inmates for their reintegration into the society.



01. Justice: We respect the rights and dignity of all those involved in the correctional process especially those serving their sentences and going through the rehabilitation process.

02. Accountability: We accept responsibility for the outcomes expected of our actions both good and bad.

03. Vigilance: Rwandan Correctional officers should always stay attentive to all movements around them to notice suspicious actions.

04. Humanity: A Rwandan professional correctional officer commit to treat all prisoners with ‘humanity’ and ‘respect for the inherent dignity of the human person.

05.Synergy:We are committed to work through effective and constructive communication between different departments and with different stakeholders for a better service effect.

06. Integrity: Disassociating yourself from all forms of corruption and unethical conduct.

07. Patriotism: Rwandan Correctional officers love their country and are proud to get involved and understand what is going on in the national transformation process by effectively accomplish the institutional mission.

08. Loyalty: Demonstrating commitment and dedication to the Nation, institution and to each other.